Atlassian Connect Framework Not working


I am following the documentation on building a jira app using the Atlassian Connect Express framework here: Build a Jira app using a framework

After running the npm start command, I found that no app is installed on my jira instance.

When I try to install the app on Jira manually, I get an error complaining:

Installation failed. The app requested authentication but did not specify a secure base URL (beginning with https://) in its descriptor.

If I look at my atlassian-connect.json file on localhost, I see that the base URL in the atlassian-connect.json has a value of "baseUrl":"http://mymachinehostname:3000"

Is there a way to update the baseUrl to an https url by default?

Hi @ByronSakiadis,

It’s important to go through Getting started with Connect first. Step 3. Set up your local development environment explains how to set up a tunnel, so the app you’re building on your local machine is available via https.

I hope that helps.


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Hi Pawel,

Thanks for the suggestion. I do have ngrok set up, and it appears to be working properly, as I can view the atlassian-connect.json file and my html files being served off of my ngrok url, but the app still doesn’t seem to install automatically to my instance.

To clarify, the 'getting-started’ tutorial you linked does work properly for me, but I think my issue is specifically with the `atlassian connect express’ framework tutorial which does not appear to allow me to install successfully


Did you update the URL and credentials to your tenant as described in the Deploy your Jira app section?

I went exactly through the steps and managed to install the sample app on my tenant by invoking npm start:

Hi @ByronSakiadis,

In Atlassian Connect Express in atlassian-connect.json you should have "baseUrl": "{{localBaseUrl}}" as this is configured at run time.

It will be replaced by the URL that ngrok uses, so in my case it is “baseUrl”: “” (with 000) replaced by the my address.

Please make sure ngrok is set up and you have a token configured in credentials.json.