Atlassian Events Roadmap 2019



Hello! Here is our roadmap of events for the 2019 calendar year. We will continue to update this post with more details as they become available.

App Week Santa Cruz 2019: IT Ops
February 11-15, Santa Cruz CA

Developer Day at Summit
April 8, Las Vegas NV
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Partner Day at Summit
April 9, Las Vegas NV
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April 9-11, Las Vegas NV
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Team Tour: Enterprise Edition
February 15 - June 26, various cities
By invitation only, contact your enterprise advocate or partner manager to learn more

App Week Berlin 2019: Cloud for the Enterprise
June 3-7, Berlin
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Team Tour: Future of IT
May 1 - June 20, various cities
More info to come

Atlassian Open
Late summer/early fall, various cities
More info to come

Atlas Camp
September, Vienna
More info to come

App Week Austin 2019
Late October/early November, Austin TX
More info to come


Thanks for sharing, @kmorales.

You do not have Summit in Fall this year? Or you haven’t decided yet?

The information will be helpful for us to plan an annual marketing budget.


This is great! Will help us better plan our year. Thanks @kmorales


@sean.osawa We have Atlassian Open (a tour that visits 4 different cities) in the fall in lieu of Summit in Europe. We are going back to Summit being once a year in the US.


Thanks for sharing and super helpful to plan our own Marketing initiatives. Have you decided yet if there will be sponsorship/ involvement opportunities in the OPEN or IT Team Tour?


Does it mean that there won’t be Summit in Europe any more in the long run?


@speters Sponsorships are typically hand selected for IT Team Tours and OPEN. However, specific questions can be directed to:


@h.lin Yes, that is the plan for the foreseeable future.


This is great! Thank you @kmorales. It’ll help us plan our year.

One question: what’s going to be the theme / topic for Atlassian Open events serie? Is it going to be only in EMEA or in various cities across the globe?


@julie.dantin I’m not sure what the themes/topics will be but it will be in various cities across the globe.


re: Atlas Camp… would it be possible to get an indication of whether it is likely to be held in early or late September?

Travelling from Sydney -> Vienna for only 2 days (assuming it will still be 2 days like previous years?) is hard to justify (both cost + travel time).

For the past two years in Barcelona (both of which I attended), the fact that it was combined with Summit made it a much easier decision.

I’m looking to see if there are any nearby events that could possibly be combined into a single trip with Atlas Camp, and I noticed that CSSConf/JSConf Budapest is on 25-27 September.

If the dates coincide, Vienna -> Budapest (or vice versa) is only a few hours away by train.

Flying halfway around the globe for two events (2 days x AtlasCamp, 3 days x CSS/JSConf) then becomes a bit easier to justify than just AtlasCamp alone.


@scottohara The current plan is that Atlas Camp will be held the same week as Atlassian Open in Vienna, which is slated for the 2nd week of September. When we have confirmation I will update this post. :slight_smile:


Thanks @kmorales, this info greatly helps with our travel planning.


Hi All, when will more details/news about app week in Berlin go online?


@j.godau It will go live this week. :slight_smile:


Where do I need to be looking? :slight_smile:


Hi @j.godau, I have updated this post and also created a separate post: Applications open for App Week Berlin 2019: Cloud for the Enterprise