Atlassian Product Metrics

As a partner that builds apps on the marketplace, does Atlassian provide some metrics around their various products? For example, are there any metrics, marketing material that explain the following

  1. how many companies are using JIRA, JSD, Trello, etc
  2. how many users are within each of these products (JIRA, JSD, Trello)


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Your best bet is to check out the earnings calls transcript and other investor relations materials.

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I checked but it is very high level metrics talking about DC, Cloud, On-Prem, etc. I couldn’t find any meaningful metrics. As such, as we are thinking of building of some apps, we want to just stick to JIRA and Confluence because we can safely assume that most enterprises are using them as there is no good alternative.

I don’t know how what is the Enterprise foot print of bitbucket, service management, ops genie, compass, etc. Without knowing this, we may be just wasting our time building something for which there not a large enough user base

I understand the need for some level of confidence before building a product, but isn’t it always difficult to fully establish the total addressable market?

Looking at our own journey as Marketplace Partner (I’ve been building apps for over 10 years now) and that of the other partners, I would say that if you manage to create a product fit for Atlassian customers the change of making a profit are pretty good.

For instance we have an app for Bitbucket Server. We’ve had that app for 5+ years now and are not actively developing features for it, only maintenance releases. It has ~100 installs. It took us 1-2 years to get the return on investment and the rest has been pure profit (and counting).

So even if you create a niche product for a niche host product (like Bitbucket Server), you can still make money as long as you accept that it might take some time.

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