Auto-closing Announcements Threads

:wave: We’re updating the Atlassian Developer Community platform to begin auto-closing topics in Announcements (and all category announcement sub-topics) after 30 days since the last reply.

Why? We’ve heard from many of you that you find it annoying when a very old announcement topic gets bumped with a new question. Announcement topics are a great place for discourse and conversation when the announcement first lands . Generally, the Atlassian who made the post is actively looking for replies and feedback. However, after the dust has settled, that might not be the case and those involved in the initial conversation aren’t keen to pick it back up.

What if I have a question about an announcement that has been closed? No worries! Questions regarding an old announcement should be a new topic that references the original announcement. We’ll do our best to make sure the question still gets some eyes :eyes: on it (plus you won’t receive the ire from having notified all of the original posters :weary:). As the Participation Guidelines recommend, you can “Reply as a Linked Topic” by clicking on the date in the top right of the topic, and then selecting, “New Topic”:

(Just make sure you pick the right category for the new topic.)

What if we think a topic deserves continued conversation? If you think that a topic was closed prematurely, you can use the 🏳 Flag button to let us know that you think it should be re-opened:

Let us know in this thread before it is closed! We want to continue to make improvements to ensure that CDAC is as useful as possible for everyone.


This is awesome!!!

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