"Automate Jira Using Triggers" Tutorial Broken?


I am attempting to create a Forge app that will run whenever a user uploads an Attachment to a Jira ticket. This is my first time working with Forge, so I am following the “Automate Jira Using Triggers” tutorial. I have followed the tutorial exactly, but it is not working for me. Could someone please help me?

I have reached Step 3 involving the use of the Forge tunnel command. When testing the app, I am not receiving any kind of log from the app, as I should be receiving. Also strangely, my console does not mention that I am listening on a specific port after running forge tunnel. The output is listed below. I am not receiving any logs either.

My manifest.yml looks like this:

    - read:jira-work
    - write:jira-work
    - key: comment-issue-app-hello-world
      function: main
        - avi:jira:created:issue
    - key: main
      handler: index.run
  id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/d5e10b4e-3d51-4c59-888a-b01e173339d0

My index.jsx looks like this:

export async function run(event, context) {
    console.log('Hello World & Everyone In It!');

Lastly, the tutorial Step 3.2.3 (“Authorize your app using the URL displayed”) seems to no longer be correct, as no authorization URL appears after installing my app with forge install.

Any help is appreciated!

Okay, so it seems that the issue is that there is a bug with Forge preventing me from accessing any product trigger events… Forge Trigger only works on some projects

I am now following the suggestions from the thread above and trying to add “manage:jira-configuration” to my permissions scopes and am receiving this error:

Forge is asking me if I’d like to install new scopes, but when I say “Yes” it tells me that my app is already up to date. I added the “default” user group to my project permissions and am still having no luck with this.

Could someone please explain why I cannot write this permission scope to my default development environment?

Hi @BenjaminAronson thanks for raising this. We are looking into this error and will update you soon.

We have also added this product trigger bug to public Forge public Jira board to track: [FRGE-496] Forge preventing access to product trigger events - Ecosystem Jira

Since, the app is already installed we cannot follow the install flow again. Instead please try following:

forge install --upgrade

Installing the app with upgrade flag should only upgrade the app not try to re-install it. Please me know if this resolves the issue. :slight_smile: