Benchmark for Cloud Conversion Rate (for Marketplace Apps)

Hello there fellow community,

I would like to know if there is any information available publicly, or even count on your experience on the topic “Cloud Conversion Rate”.

In other words, which conversion rate is considered healthy and poor for a relatively new cloud app (released between 3 and 4 months).

Thanks in advance.


I don’t have answers, I just have more questions. :wink:

I work with Atlassian’s Platform Partners (SaaS vendors) and we are also interested in “conversion rates”. But we look at multiple conversion points, like install and activation. Install has a clear signal in Atlassian Connect, but activation is more tricky, with different meaning for different businesses. For SaaS vendors with free integration, the value comes from the flow of data. For Marketplace Apps, activation might be the clear signal of revenue.

So what kind of conversion do you mean?

Hey @ibuchanan, thanks for the reply (with more questions :sweat_smile:)

As much as it aroused my curiosity to know more about multiple conversion points, my particular interest is related to Marketplace Apps.

And being more specific, I’m talking about this cloud metric: Conversion rate = (# of new paid subscriptions) / (# of evaluations due to expire).

Any extra thoughts/data to share here?

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