Best practice keeping a Lite version and a Full version

Our ZenUML App has a Lite version and a Full version. I understand that Atlassian platform will treat them as two independent Apps. But it would be great if we could allow the customers to upgrade from Lite to Full (has a superset of features than Lite).

What is the best practice to manage that?

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Hi @eagle.xiao,

I’ve been thinking about challenges on multiple App tiers too. What are you trying to achieve by the upgrade? It’s just for a question of usability or to easily share data between them?

Paulo Alves.

Yes, pretty much usability and smooth migration. Ideally, when the user “upgrade” from the Lite version to the Full version, all their diagrams should continue working and get all features available only in the Full version.

There are a few challenges that I can think of.

  1. Linking the two applications. From platform point of view, Lite and Full are to separate applications. Thus they have their own ID, Lifecycle, License Status, etc. This can potentially be solved within the Apps. If it is made aware to the Lite App about the Full App Licence status, then it can switch to a Full mode and load JS for the Full App.

  2. Sharing data. Once the two Apps are linked, we need a way to share the data between them. Ideally, we do not want the backend to be involved in this sharing. Some Apps like ours does not require a back-end server to run its core functionalities.