Beta for Jira 8.0 is up for grabs!



The long-awaited beta for Jira 8.0 is out and ready for testing. It contains all the features we intend for Jira 8.0 and all the planned breaking changes that we were gradually releasing in EAP milestones.

Read all about it…

For a list of all the breaking changes, see Preparing for Jira 8.0. Then check out the features in the Release notes, and then download the beta to see it all in action.
If you’re downloading mavens from, download maven 8.0.0-m0030.

And there is a bonus…

As our special icing, we are also releasing a beta version of the upgrade documentation. Check it out here, and, should you have comments, add them under this post.

You can also tell us what you think about the beta release by posting a comment here.


The Jira Server team

Jira 8.0 (Server) official release imminent?


I am struggling what to change in my pom.xml.

Are you updating regarging versions of components?

For example


You have atlassian-rest > 6.0.0-985fbb15 in the list, but not atlassian-rest-common.

Regarding licensing API


You have upm-server → 4.0.0-6d5e0ae2a3 in the list. Is this the right component?

To map my dependencies to what you have in your list looks like quite some guess work for me. Maybe you can add the groupId there?

Sorry for these questions, which migh sound stupid for Maven people, but it is quite confusing for me.



You can find the Jira project POM for 8.0.0 Beta in the maven repo in .
There you can see the actual versions of all the dependencies used in the version.

atlassian-rest-common is a part of atlassian-rest module and so should use the same version.

Please note the Beta version uses a lot of dependencies in milestone versions since the final versions were not yet released at that stage.
However ultimately Jira 8.0.0 is using the component versions from Atlassian Platform 5.
The platform POM is in and there you can also find the groupId, artifactId and version for the platform components which Jira is going to use for the final 8.0.0 release (the only exception will be atlassian-webhooks where Jira is using an older version).

Let us know if you have further questions about the versions.