Let's talk about Jira 8.0



Jira 8.0 will contain a number of breaking changes that we will introduce step by step across the upcoming milestones. If you want to keep track of the changes and monitor the EAP milestones as they are introduced, refer to Preparing for Jira 8.0.

Check out the FAQ below, and if you’re interested to know more, leave us a comment in this topic. We look forward to responding to your comments, questions or feedback!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We know that a platform release can provide many unknowns. Here are some questions that we wanted to address with the information we currently have.

When will Jira 8.0 arrive?

While we are unable to provide an exact date, our current target to release Jira 8.0 is late in 2018. The release will not arrive until after Summit Europe later in 2018. The first early access program (EAP) milestone was released on 14 August 2018. We’ll be releasing milestones once every 2 weeks over the coming months until we release the EAP beta. Learn more about the EAP release cadence. We strongly recommend vendors investigate the EAP builds and documentation to get a sense of the scope of the impact of 8.0.

Why would a customer upgrade to Jira 8.0? Will there be new end-user features?

Jira 8.0 will include other end-user features beyond the breaking technical changes above. However, we won’t be publicly announcing the end-user features until we release Jira 8.0.

The additional end-user features will not impact the vendors or developers building on top of Jira.

Will there be breaking changes to Jira’s APIs?

We do not yet know the scope of breaking changes to either the REST API or Java API. We are not planning major changes to either API, but we may update them with slight breaking changes, dependent on the progress of the updates. We may also introduce new endpoints for app vendors and developers to use in Jira.

What is the full scope of the changes?

You can learn about the changes we are planning to introduce and have already released here.

What is the release cadence?

We want to keep releasing EAP milestones every other week. For details, see this page.

Will my current plugin work with 8.0?

Some plugins will not be compatible with 8.0. As a plugin vendor, you can refer to the Preparing for Jira 8.0 documentation to know what to expect, adapt ,and decide to support 8.0 with your plugin.

Are there any restrictions on who has access to the EAP milestone builds of Jira 8.0?

No, there will not be any restrictions. The EAP is open to everyone.

Will there be additional resources to help us prepare?

Yes! In coordination with the EAP programs, we are providing more detail about breaking changes and the technical scope of Jira 8.0. We also have technical documentation to provide detail on how to adopt the changes to Jira. We’ll be publishing all the documentation on the EAP page.

How can I download the EAP milestone?

Just go to the EAP page and grab the milestone you’re interested in.

I have a comment or a question. How can I contact you?

Just post it in this topic! We’ll be happy to review it and get back to you!

We want to hear from you

Downloaded and tested the EAP milestone? Great! Now it’s time to share your feedback. We want to know if you’ve experienced any issues and what your general impressions are. Leave us a comment in this topic. In this topic we can build Jira together!

Jira 8.0 changes
Welcome Jira EAP milestone 02
Welcome Jira Server 8.0 EAP milestone 03
EAP milestone 05 packed and wrapped for you
EAP milestone 04 for Jira Server 8.0 has just arrived!
Final touches before the Beta - Jira 8.0 EAP 08 … and some GA news
No trick, just treat! EAP milestone 07 for Jira 8.0 is ready!
Hello world! EAP milestone 06 is ready!
Beta for Jira 8.0 is up for grabs!
EAP milestone 04 for Jira Server 8.0 has just arrived!
Beta for Jira 8.0 fresh from the oven


Hi, in the latest eap4 Drag & Drop doesn’t work on scrum boards,

Aditionally in the release notes I can see

gh-rapid context removed

Status: IMPLEMENTED (EAP [m04]

Plugins can no longer use <context>gh-rapid</context> . In Jira 8.0 we introduced the following new context: gh-rapid-plan (Agile backlog, Kanplan), gh-rapid-work (Scrum/Kanban board), gh-rapid-report (reports).

Well I can still see
Web Resource Context: gh-rapid used by com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira

and no gh-rapid-plan nor gh-rapid-work`

Every time i go to the backlog I get

  • Exception: Error: No jira-agile/rapid/ui/detail/inlineedit/issue-detail-view-inline-editor

Dragging an issue to a version

  • Exception: Error: No jira-agile/rapid/ui/detail/inlineedit/details-view-reload-reason



@pch removal of gh-rapid context is set for release in EAP5, and it was mentioned in EAP4 release notes by mistake. :frowning:

hint: Please remember that you can always use both old(gh-rapid) and new context(i.e. gh-rapid-plan), so that your plugin will be compatible with both EAP4 and EAP5.

Every time i go to the backlog I get

  • Exception: Error: No jira-agile/rapid/ui/detail/inlineedit/issue-detail-view-inline-editor
    Dragging an issue to a version
  • Exception: Error: No jira-agile/rapid/ui/detail/inlineedit/details-view-reload-reason

I’m not able to reproduce this in vanilla EAP4 instance. Are those errors related to your app code, or you are getting them even if you have it disabled?



Our app Agile Tools & Filters uplifts the error handling to the front-end I assume that’s why I see them… I’m using latest safari.

PS. I’m already having an interesting discussion around recent changes using AMD with Jakub L., Michał Rz and Daz. Could you drop me an email on pch@extensi.io and I’ll add you to cc.

And while discussing board changes and AMD - could you help me with that one?



Hi, i just installed EAP4 and hit some errors that did not sho up on EAP2.
First this on a dashboard gadget:
And the second one is ciritical. Search for issue fails always. Even re-indexing fails. If i search for issues i get hundereds of lines of errors starting with the following ones:

If i remove any time information from the search results (disable columns Created, Updated etc.) search succeeds.

What could that be?




There are no classes for Service Desk integration so far, do you plan to add them in the next version? Will the integration mechanism be changed in 8.0 / SD 4.0 ?



Hey @atlygina,

You should be able to find the Jira Service Desk EAPs here. We’re about 1 EAP release behind Jira to give ourselves time to consume the changes that they have made.

The biggest change with this release is the deprecation of com.atlassian.fugue.Either as the return type from our services. Details can be found here.

Hopefully that helps.

Lachlan Goodhew-Cook,
Jira Service Desk Server


Is it possible to install Jira Service Desk 4.0 EAP as an application alongside Jira Software 8.0 EAP? The Versions & licenses page displays an unrecognized version message.


Hi @lgoodhewcook, thanks! But our question is about the “jira-service-desk-api”. In 7.x “jira-service-desk-api” exists even if there is no SD installed and we use it in our app. There is a note “Service desk is not available in this milestone” in Preparing for Jira 8.0, does it mean that you will return the “'jira-service-desk-api” in next versions?


Hi @oliver.zabel ,
Thanks for giving us a heads-up about this. Just glancing at the stack trace you provided, the second issue seems like a mismatch between the new (numeric) and old (string-based) ways of storing date/datetime information in the lucene index. However, I’m not able to reproduce the failing search behavior on a vanilla EAP-4 instance. Could you send us a bit more information so we can try to narrow it down (os, versions of Jira core & software, etc.)? Also, is this behavior occurring only with your app running or when it is disabled as well?



I’ve installed EAP04-x64 and can’t make the “Atlassian Jira - Plugins - Development Integration Plugin” to start with the following error:

___ FAILED PLUGIN REPORT _____________________

1 plugin failed to load during JIRA startup.

	'com.atlassian.jira.plugins.jira-development-integration-plugin' - 'Atlassian Jira - Plugins - Development Integration Plugin'  failed to load.
		Error creating bean with name 'buildsInfoFieldProvider': Lookup method resolution failed; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to introspect Class [com.atlassian.jira.plugin.devstatus.summary.indexing.fieldprovider.BuildsInfoFieldProvider] from ClassLoader [com.atlassian.jira.plugins.jira-development-integration-plugin [93]]
			Failed to introspect Class [com.atlassian.jira.plugin.devstatus.summary.indexing.fieldprovider.BuildsInfoFieldProvider] from ClassLoader [com.atlassian.jira.plugins.jira-development-integration-plugin [93]]

		It was loaded from P:\Atlassian\Application Data\JIRA\plugins\installed-plugins\jira-development-integration-plugin-4.7.2.jar

Is this a known issues with this build?



Not sure where you’re getting that dependency from if you don’t have JSD installed. I guess technically you could rely on it in your pom but it wouldn’t be in Jira at runtime. jira-service-desk-api is created and maintained by Jira Service Desk and is only intended to be used when it is installed and licensed.

The way we’re handling releasing the EAPs is that JSD will always be about one EAP version behind. So currently you can only use the jira-service-desk-api by combining the Jira and JSD EAP 3s.

Hopefully that helps.

Lachlan Goodhew-Cook,
Jira Service Desk Server


Hey @robisonba,

It should be possible to install both of the EAPs at the same time. Can you put what versions you have in your pom here so I can confirm that they should be compatible. One thing to note is that JSD will always be about 1 EAP release behind Jira core so the most recent EAP won’t have a corresponding EAP version.

Lachlan Goodhew-Cook,
Jira Service Desk Server


I wanted to comment that Lucene upgrade page is very unusable - it contains very wide and long table but due to the narrow visible width of the page you need to do a lot of horizontal scrolling to see the other columns of the table.

It would be better to remove the table and make each affected class as a subheading with the change description after that.


I noticed a change, probably related to the Lucene changes, that, as far as I can tell, is not documented: the WebWork action of a custom field config screen (subclass of AbstractEditConfigurationItemAction) now looks for its Velocity file by prepending the webwork1 key to the path defined in the <view> element. This breaks all existing custom field config item configuration pages, throwing the following error:
org.apache.velocity.exception.VelocityException: Could not find template '<addon-key>:<webwork-key>/<vm-file-path>' ensure it is in the classpath.
Did I miss something?


Hey Raimonds,
thanks for the feedback. We’ve improved the layout. Hope it’s easier to use now.


Thanks, now the layout is much better :slight_smile:


Are there any changes to Gadgets, as AJS.Gadget is not working ?


Since the latest eap upgrades to aui to 8.0.0 - can the docs for that to be released? Please?