EAP milestone 05 packed and wrapped for you

EAP milestone 05 is out. This time, we’ve concentrated primarily on Jira platform upgrades. We’ve upgraded platform components and Java frameworks and libraries. For more information, refer to Preparing for Jira 8.0.

Download this EAP milestone

Go ahead and download and test this EAP. If you’re using the maven.atlassian.com site, download milestone 8.0.0-m0014. Your comments, as always, are welcome.

Nearly done

We’re planning to bundle another batch of breaking changes in EAP milestone 06. This milestone will contain more Java 11-related changes, upgrade of AUI to version 8, and changes to Lucene based on your feedback.


Great changes require great effort especially that we want Jira 8.0 release to be a success. Right now, the plan is to have 2 more EAP milestones before the beta, and release Jira 8.0 late in 2018. However, that might change depending on feedback. We are currently reviewing the plan and will keep you posted.

Feedback welcome

Your feedback is always welcome. We are doing our best to address it as soon as we receive it. If you’ve got a comment, feel free to post it here.


The Jira team