Welcome Jira Server 8.0 EAP milestone 03

Following on our bi-weekly release commitments, we’re proud to present the next EAP milestone (m03) for Jira 8.0.

Here are the changes in this milestone:

Improvements to Java 11
We’ve done some more work on the Windows batch scripts to allow Jira to run as a Windows service on Java 11.

Source files available
We’ve heard your feedback, and decided to start releasing the source files together with EAPs. The source files for this milestone, and the previous ones, are available here.

More changes coming
We’ve been preparing the ground for more breaking changes that will come in the next milestone.

For all the details, see Preparing for Jira 8.0.

To download this EAP milestone, go here.

If you have any comments or questions, we’ll be happy to hear them! Just leave us a comment here and we’ll respond shortly.

Hi there,

When I upgrade my existing instance from JIRA 7.11 to EAP JIRA 8.0 m03, Windows service disappeared, how to fix this issue.

Note: I am testing in TEST Environment.

Thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into it and will come back to you shortly!

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Hi, I’ve tried to reproduce the problem without success. Could you tell what do you mean by ‘disappeared’, please?

Regarding how to fix the issue I’d recommend to make sure the service is deleted by executing:

sc delete <servicename>

and installing service again by executing:

service.bat install Jira
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Thanks for the reply Mr. @kmarszalek, PFA screenshot of the services.

I don’t see “Atlassian JIRA” services in this services list the moment I install JIRA EAP version.

That’s strange the service is gone. The installer does not remove the service. Could you check in the Event viewer if there are any errors in system events that might relate, please?


there is no classes for Service Desk integration so far, do you plan to add them in the next version? or the integration mechanism will be changed in 8.0 / SD 4.0 ?

I have the same issue. I’ve installed EAP build on a clean Win 10 machine. JIRA Service is not available.