Big thanks for Atlassian


thanks for Atlassian from all money I got from been 12 years the Atlassian Marketplace Partner. This partnership made me enough money to found record label that producing Techno Music today and it’s Studio/DJ equipment and software costed me worth of four Pontiac model sport cars.

Do you wanna see my YouTube Channel where my music and DJ sets is available and my record label www-site? I ask this question first before post any links to here. I don’t like to be spammer.


Hi Matti,

This is a nice story. Personally, I always find it inspiring when people share how they achieved their goals. As someone who’s into techno to a certain level, I would like to take a look at your stuff, so I think it’s fine if you post a link to your site.



Here is my record label www-site:

And my Beatport Profile:

And YouTube Channel: MARK HAMILTON - YouTube


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Likewise, I’m extremely thankful to many Atlassian folks who has created amazing opportunity and helped me on the way. I have earned enough money to fund my family of 5 members to live in big house, children to study in the best school and attend all workshops they want, and wife doing all crazy things I don’t understand :slight_smile: Thank you Jonathan Nolen, Nick Wade, Dave Meyer, and many others.