Bitbucket Cloud custom merge checks

In order to help customers to migrate to Bitbucket cloud (BBC) we have identified a single blocker to provide the full feature set of our important apps in cloud that clients are used to in their server instances:

Another hurdle (not a blocker) is the absence of a PvA license manager in BBC that is connected to the Atlassian MP as a one-stop shop for server/dc/cloud versions of these apps.

Where on the roadmap are custom repository merge-checks that are performed to determine whether a pull request can be merged or not?

I had some feedback from Atlassian that this ticket needs more votes to be considered, however IMO we would only get votes from developers as end-users vote on feature requests, not on developer requests. In fact we should sum up all votes on feature requests that require custom merge-checks functionality in order to provide apps that implement these features.

As a vendor we’re committed to enable our clients to migrate to BBC when they choose to take this step, however both vendors and clients rely on Atlassian’s support for this to happen.

Thank you all for your thoughts!
Kind regards, Ulrich


Likewise the lack of support for custom merge checks (and pre-receive hooks is a blocker for some key features of our apps.

Comments on the pre-receive hook issue indicate the Bitbucket team are open to looking at it once their current roadmap work has been completed. I see custom merge checks as a complementary feature, and I think they are actually more suited to the cloud environment as they could be handled asynchronously (I think).

I have high hopes now that Forge is around, but for now these API holes will be a blocker for some popular apps supporting Bitbucket cloud, which in turn will block some customers from considering a migration as they rely on functionality from these apps. I summed up my thoughts in this comment.