Paid via Atlassian listings for Bitbucket Cloud


Just wondering if there are any news on the roadmap for Bitbucket Cloud apps in Atlassian Market - especially if there will be (or not?) “Paid via Atlassian” option.

We have an app for Bitbucket Cloud which is listed on marketplace and it is free because this is the only option we have. Even if we could build the subscription model on our own - it will be still listed as free on the marketplace which will lead our customers to confusion.

Piotr Bojko

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Hi @piotr.bojko,

I recall a discussion where they mentioned that it is not on the immediate roadmap. But can’t find the link, so don’t take my word for it :slight_smile:

I’m interested in having Paid via Atlassian apps for Bitbucket Cloud too. It’s one of the reasons why I’m not exploring to take my apps to the cloud right now.

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Supporting Paid Apps for BBC is part of our long term roadmap.

For now, you can collect payments directly; and we do not prevent this behaviour. We just don’t support collecting those payments via pay-via-atlassian.

Venkat, BBC PM

@VenkatramanSubramani thanks for clarifications!

I am afraid for Bitbucket apps based on Atlassian Connect platform - marketplace is blocking PvV model. You can only choose FREE listing for such apps. Is there any chance to unlock PvV model in this case for the time PvA for Bitbucket Cloud is not implemented?

Having a free listing on the marketplace will lead our customers to confusion when we will introduce our subscription model for them.


As we do not provide a paid via Atlassian option on Bitbucket Cloud today, but we want to ensure our customers have a great experience that you as an app developer can provide, we will elect to allow a Paid Via Vendor app for Bitbucket on an interim and case by case basis. Should we develop a PVA function on Bitbucket Cloud in the future, we will require apps be migrated onto the Atlassian licensing platform at that time.

We are exploring updates to our marketplace vendor agreement to capture this externality.