Can I use forge without docker-tunnel or without tunnel at all?

I am trying to setup forge on my macOS machine without docker. I’ve created the hello app ( and successfully deployed and used it.

I have updated the app and first I simply tried forge deploy followed by forge install --upgrade and while that seemed to work, the app on my site remained the same.

So, I found which has instructions to use a tunnel without docker, but that instruction led to

Error: To run tunnel without Docker please: npm install -g @forge/sandbox-tunnel

I did so, but while something has changed, the app is still not updated. I run

forge deploy
forge install --upgrade
FORGE_DEV_TUNNEL=true forge tunnel

But when I reload the page it says:

Unexpected error in app
An error occurred while trying to load this app.

And after ‘Refresh app’ I still get the old behaviour

What am I doing wrong? Can I use forge tunnel without docker or can I deploy/install/update without tunnel at all?

Never mind. It does work. I thought I had changed the Hello world text but apparently I had not. So I am running the new app. I don’t see the message in the JS console, though, so, not all is yet well.

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And the console message shows up in forge logs

Hi @GerbenWierda , if you’re using UI Kit, app state changes occur on the server so all logs can only be accessed via forge logs. For Custom UI, logs from your front end resources will appear in the browser but any logs in your resolver will appear in forge logs.