Quick tip: Tunneling without Docker (useful for Apple Silicon / M1)

After running into a few issues with forge tunnel on an M1 Mac—bad performance and frequent crashes because of Docker’s x64 to ARM emulation—I tried to find a different way to run the tunnel and discovered the FORGE_DEV_TUNNEL environment variable in the CLI’s source code, which allows you to use the tunnel without Docker!

You just need to install the @forge/tunnel package globally and set the environment variable before running forge tunnel:

npm install -g @forge/tunnel
FORGE_DEV_TUNNEL=true forge tunnel

I couldn’t find any documentation about this method, so it may not work with future versions of the CLI but I hope some of you find it useful (at least until there’s an official ARM build for the tunnel). :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @klaussner ,
Thank you for sharing this solution.


This should be part of the documentation