Can we detect the "Cancelled subscription" license status?

We are testing our app’s behaviour for each license status with the help of developer Access tokens in Jira Cloud.
If you set a developer access token, a dropdown will be available on the Managed apps screen under your app with name “Access token status”.
There are several values which will simulate your license status: “Unlicensed”, “Active trial”, “Inactive trial”, “Active subscription”, “Cancelled subscription”, “Inactive subscription”.
The license status based on the selected value can be checked via the License API:
The values of “” and “license.evaluation” properties will be varied for each status.

The weird thing is that this JSON response is the same for a “Cancelled subscription” and for “Active subscription”, so basically a “Cancelled subscription” is treated like an active license:

"license": {
	"active": true,
	"type": "DEVELOPER",
	"evaluation": false

Moreover the UI also displays the same for both: “License status: Valid”

Is that a bug? What does “Cancelled subscription” mean exactly? Currently we cannot differentiate this from an active subscription.


Cloud apps are billed monthly so when a customer cancels his/her subscription for an app, the price until the next billing cycle is already paid.
Cancelled Subscription indicates that status. The subscription is cancelled but has not expired yet. The customer still has some time to use the app.