Can we finally get useful info in app install error messages?

I’ve just submitted the 4th dev support ticket in as many years on this fkn amateur UX, and get complaints from potential customers every week. It’s well past time for a fix to be deployed.

Here’s some of the friction I’m aware of when users try to install apps. There’s likely more…

#1 If you get stuck on this popup it officially means inactive payment method:


#2 This popup can mean inactive instance, inactive payment method or something else:


#3 Apps are automatically uninstalled after installation if payment methods are not active:




Can Atlassian team please take this more seriously? It’s been a open issue since long now which has a direct business impact for all the vendors. Can Atlassian atleast make these messages more descriptive and let customers know that the issue is with Atlassian system and not vendor app?

Just yesterday I faced the “We ran into a little trouble” which was not at all related to payment issue. Retrying after 45 mins, it got auto fixed but at the end customer had a bad experience. He would have not retried if vendor didn’t followup which means business loss for vendor.

Worst part is, dev support appeared to have followed the standard response template and punted it back on payment method. Looks like even Atlas support is not well equipped to debug the issue in first attempt, it took lot of explanation to make them understand that it is not payment issue.

Can someone from Atlas team share any updates on when this will be handled in future?


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Yes, please fix this message. It should be very simple to fix yet would remove a lot of pains for developers as well as users.


Hi @nathanwaters, all

Our team is already working on fixing error messages related to app installation failures. With this fix, all generic error messages will be replaced by some meaningful errors which would help customers to identify the issue. The team is planning to role out this fix mostly by end of September.



Yuuge. There goes half my support time and untold lost sales. Thanks!

Yet another support ticket just now. Please hurry with the fix.

Edit: @VeereshHosamani the customer here confirmed they have an active payment method and still got this error. They said the install suddenly worked today having made no changes.

You’ve got to wonder what percentage of installation requests don’t work. Huge point of failure on the Marketplace.

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Yet another one


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We are running into this also.