Can we have App Weeks again?

Hey everyone,

I just stumbled over this blog post about the Berlin App Week that happened in 2019 and remembered so many great things about it. All the cool people I met, the discussions I had with Atlassians, and all the amazing opportunities that came from it.

I’ve sincerely been enjoying the online events that Atlassian has been doing, but just like with expos it’s not comparable to seeing each other in person, is it? So, instead of continuing to sit here and crossing my fingers that at some point there will hopefully be another App Week, I decided to open this thread and ask for it. :slight_smile:

Anything on the horizon? @kmorales @bentley


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Oh, I just came across this post from @tpettersen which sounds very exciting:

This sounds like that there soon is going to be another App Week and that it might be in Europe? That would be genuinely AMAZING! :tada: