Can we merge two vendor accounts?

We have two separate vendor accounts for different plugins. Now that we have become one entity, we would want to merge the two accounts. My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to merge two vendor accounts?
  2. If not possible then can we move a plugin from one vendor account to another vendor account?
  3. What happens to the number of installs statistics if we move plugin from one vendor account to another or if we merge vendor accounts ? (whichever is possible)

@anon2777678 I think the ecosystem team can help you with this. You should file a support request at Jira Service Management

Also, make sure to ask them to list you as a Marketplace Vendor on the developer community. It will help you get access to additional resources.

Thanks for this information.

Hmm… wait, the link should actually be Jira Service Management, which is the Ecosystem / Marketplace Vendor service desk portal


Okay. I’ll do this right away.

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