Can you access any agile data (Boards, Sprints, etc) via OAuth2

I have built an app that can access endpoints here in the JIRA Platform REST API via OAuth2 credentials. However, I cannot access anything related to Boards or Sprints via OAuth2… Is that not supported? Is there a way to set a sprint ID on an issue? I tried doing it via customfield_X: Y when creating the issue but it doesn’t actually place the issue in the sprint.


The APIs for agile data is available in Jira Software REST API docs.

Currently, Jira Software APIs are not supported by Oauth2 and we don’t have an update yet when it will be available.

Thanks @aagrawal2! Unfortunate, but thanks for the heads up.

Two quick follow-up questions:

  1. Am I able to edit customfield’s (like sprint) with JIRA Cloud API?

  2. It would be awkward for us to force the user to login twice… any recommendations on how we can get a token for both APIs from a single auth workflow? Or is that impossible?

Did you get any answers to this @BrianWeinreich? I’ve got the same questions.

Apologies for the delayed response.

  1. Yes, you can edit the custom fields using edit issue API.

  2. Pardon me, but I didn’t get the question. Which 2 APIs are you talking about?

These two APIs:


I have the same question which wasn’t answered to.

This thread has gotten a bit confusing. To clarify, endpoints under the Software REST API are not currently covered by OAuth 2 3LO. This would prevent client code from being able to look up sprints and make sense of which ones are valid.

The Jira Platform REST API is covered by OAuth 2.0 3LO. As @aagrawal2 said, you can set the Sprint ID for an issue if you know the right customfield and the Sprint ID, but I don’t know how you could find it without first looking up the sprints.

Which leaves us with Brian’s original problem:

At time of posting, it is only possible to reach both REST API using either:


So is it possible “now” to get boards, sprints, issues in boards from OAuth 2.0 flow for Jira Cloud?
My requirement is similar to the above but in Jira Cloud.
I need to navigate from Board -> Sprint-> items in it and get all statuses.

Basically given a board -> get all issues and statuses of the issues in it.

thanks for the blog

We were able to generate REST client code for Jira Cloud along with OAuth 2.0 (3LO)-> able to create issues etc as described. But could not seem to find a way to get boards , sprints via OAuth 20 flow . What is the easiest way to get the above details? I do not want to have multiple flows .


Welcome @KarthikR.

At this time, OAuth 2.0 is still not available for the Jira Software Cloud REST API. For details see OAuth 2.0 for all the JSW REST API endpoints. Please watch, vote, and comment.