[Jira Cloud] Boards, Sprints, Issues using REST Client OAuth 2.0 Flow

Hello all,

We have generated a REST client for Jira Cloud (/rest/api/3/) using Swagger api .
thanks to blog - https://blog.developer.atlassian.com/update-to-jira-clouds-swagger-openapi-docs/

We are using the rest client along with OAuth 2.0 (3LO) flow-> able to create issues etc as described. But could not seem to find a way to get boards , sprints .

What is the easiest way to get the above details? viz.,
Input Board -> 1) Get all Sprint 2) Get all issues with statues
Input sprint in a project -> get all issues with statues

I do not want to have multiple flows. I understand this is possible for Jira server rest api/ OAuth 1.0 / older versions…
How do we do this for “Jira Cloud” ?

What we have already tried:
=> this lists all the issues in the project

But there is no filter fields for Board or sprint

This is similar to

The answers did not help us fully.
Hence a more specific topic on this. Any hints/answers that can help us is greatly appreciated.


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@KarthikR thanks for opening a new thread with full context. This problem is in the awkward chasm between developer, with REST APIs, and user, with advanced JQL.

For the OAuth 2.0 (and cross-posting for the sake of clarity), it is not an available auth mechanism for the Jira Software Cloud REST API. For details of which resources are not availble, see OAuth 2.0 for all the JSW REST API endpoints.

OAuth 2.0 aside, you also asked, “How do we do this for Jira Cloud?” Would API tokens suit your use case? API tokens do work for both platform and software APIs so you avoid multiple auth flows.

Alternatively, I wonder if you could “unpack” a board as a JQL outside of the API. For example, the default board for a Jira Cloud project is indistinguishable from a query for the issues in that project. In more advanced configurations, boards are defined by an underlying JQL filter. Could you simply use the underlying query to get the issues you want?

If what you want has to do with the state of sprints (like all open sprints), there are some advanced JQL search options like openSprints() or sprint = EMPTY (effectively the backlog).

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thanks @ibuchanan - that explains clearly.
but for our requirement we would still be needing support for Boards and sprints atleast…have upvoted the Jira item you shared above…however did not get a definitive timeline on this. Hope this gets picked up soon.