Change notice: DELETE Board API in Jira Software team-managed projects

What is changing?

Currently, Jira Software Cloud provides a REST API to delete boards. We will soon be removing the ability to do this from team-managed (fka next-gen) projects. The API will remain unchanged for company-managed (fka classic) projects.

Why is it changing?

Jira Software only supports one board per team-managed project.

The removal of the ability to delete a team-managed project board will protect against situations where projects are impaired since there is no way to restore the board or create a new one.

What do I need to do?

Ensure that your apps are not using the DELETE board API for team-managed projects.

By when do I need to do it?

Because this is related to a HOT incident, this change will be rolled out no sooner than 17th June, 2021.