Change reporter name in new open issues

Hi Community,
During our plugin development (Atlassian Connect Spring Boot), we changed the name field in the atlassian-connect.json JSON file few times.
When we decided on the final name we paid attention that all the issues created by the plugin have the reporter name as the first name we used in the name field, we thought changing this field may cause new issues to open with the new reporter name, but still it has the old reporter name.

The only workaround we see is to change the key property which obviously we want to avoid.

Is there an alternative way to change our reporter name?


Hi @OfirNir,

As seen in this ticket and other threads (1, 2) there isn’t a way to change the name of the app user right now. I guess your best bet will probably be to raise a DEVHELP or AMKTHELP ticket with Atlassian.

If your app is on the Marketplace, don’t do that! The app key is bound to your Marketplace listing and I suppose you don’t want to be the first one who finds out what happens if you break this. :sweat_smile:

Hope this helps!


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Hi. Real pity that the App user name still stays as is … We really need to re brand our app. Any workaround or tips on how best to approach this? I have found the resources shared in @sven.schatter s comment and then I saw this post … Please advise? Thank you in advance. Yatish