CHANGELOG: Add categories to RSS feed entries


you introduced an awesome source of all updates and changes with your CHANGELOG (Atlassian developer changelog). It works very well to stay up-to-date with your platform.

Could you also include the categories in the RSS feed that are labeled in your CHANGELOG?
This would help us to filter the global changes feed to our needs.

I was not able to send feedback from your changelog page.

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Hi @lkimmel ,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Here is our domain model defining the key abstractions relating to changelogs:

As you are probably aware, we have quite a few different changelogs for different products and platforms and we also have the “universal” changelog at Each Changelog Entry is tagged with one or more API Groups and each Changelog is defined as a set of API Groups (aka API Supergroup). In the universal changelog, API Group names surface in the UI within the “Filter components” drop down. This API Group tagging scheme allows us to decouple implementation details from how they appear in our documentation. For example, a single change in a platform component may be relevant to multiple products.

With this model in mind, the channel category element could be populated with the ID or name of the changelog, but I’m not sure this would be useful and we’d have to account for custom filters in the universal changelog. Alternatively, it may be feasible to populate this field with a CSV of all API group keys relating to the changelog.

The item category element is currently used to identify the changelog entry type, but conceivably it could be changed to a CSV of API Group keys relating to the changelog entry, but there is a slim chance partners may be using RSS feed readers that may be impacted by this change.

I am interested to know how you and other partners would take advantage of more detailed information in changelog feeds.


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At the moment we have a bot that reports us any updates in your changelog in our chat app as a quick way to publish them to all developers in our company without any need for them to do manual steps themselves.
So the global changelog is very good for this usecase.
We simply push RSS feed entries into our chat.
It’s just, that those tags, which part of the ecosystem is the update for, is only visible when we open the changelog entry in the browser. So it would be helpful to immediately see, if the update is for a Confluence Cloud API or a Jira Cloud API, for Forge or Connect to let developers quickly see, if the content is relevant to them.
Since we want to deeply connect to Atlassian products, we most likely have to watch several changelogs anyway, like Jira Core Cloud API and Jira Software Cloud API and things like User-Management API too. So the full overview is very helpful already.

An idea from me: I looked into the RSS standard and category inside item may be occure 0 or unbounded. So that would be nice. Also the category element may provide a domain attribute, which be their example should be an URI. This could be the URI of the category feed.