Cloud App Pricing Calculator - error for annual licenses

Hi, one of our customers reported what appears to be a bug in the marketplace cloud pricing calculator for annual. In that it shows the app cost for the maximum users, not the actual users.

26 Users - Monthly is $20.80

26 Users - Annual is $400 (appears to be calculating based on top of tier)

Reproduced in more than one app. Is this a bug, or is Atlassian now charging tiered rates instead of per user for annual renewals?


This is not a bug but how it actually works. Annual sales are for a range of users. In your case, it’s 26 to 50 users. The price for annual is then the prices for 50 users/month * 10 month.

It’s only advantageous for companies who are closer to the end of the range (50 users in that case). So it’s often better for some companies to keep paying monthly, if they are on the lower end of that range.


Thank you @yvesriel. Confirmed that the current licensing FAQ also repeats that that annual licenses are now done by tiers. Atlassian Purchasing and Licensing FAQ | Atlassian

Appreciate the help.