Cloud app promotion code with an annual license

I have a question to provide a promotion code for a few months with an annual billing.
A customer will go only with a few users(about 10) during migration; after that, we will go with full users(400-500 users). They want to evaluate my app during migration for free.
They are using an annual license. If I offer a promotion code(100% discount) that is valid until Jan 2024 and a billing cycle, what happens when their next billing with full users happens in 2023? Does the promotion code end in Jan 2024, and should they pay for full users in Jan 2024? Or can they use the app until the next billing at the end of 2024 for free?
If it works like the latter, is there any way to provide a promotion code only for a few months with annual billing customers?

Thanks for your advice in advance.

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You may give them a private cloud install -with token. It is free until you decide to revoke the token. They will use it unril migrated and you will delete rhe roken so they can purchase a license .
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Yeah that whole UX is confusing af. They need a simple visual timeline that changes as you set the dates and billing cycles.

Timeline should show at a glance:

  • when the coupon code expires
  • how long it will remain active when used

Worth noting that these private installation tokens are not available for Forge apps though.

We have a related scenario right now, where we grant 3 months for free as a reward for EAP participants. That’s easy to do with a 100% discount for monthly billing, but can only be simulated with a 25% discount for annual billing.

This sounds good in theory, but in practice most annual licensees have prolonged procurement processes via solution partners, which effectively block them using the app once the evaluation expires, and we are unable to help them in any way (bridging 1-3 months for free would be a no-brainer otherwise).

I agree with you. I created a ticket to ask about exact policy. I will share you as soon as I get feedback from Atlassian team.

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Same scenario here :smiling_face_with_tear: