Cloud Cafe Episode 3 - "Building an app with Forge" is up on YouTube now

I just wanted to let y’all know that we’ve released our third Cloud Cafe episode on the Atlassian YouTube channel for Codegeist – our remote hackathon for cloud apps (check out this post if you want to learn more).

Cloud Cafe is a new series from the Developer Experience team at Atlassian about cloud app development. Grab a schooner of VB and take a crash course in developing cloud apps for your favourite Atlassian products using Forge.

Dugald and myself will walk you through the third installment, Building an app with Forge. We provide an overview of what Forge is, how it’s designed under the hood, and how to create cloud apps for Jira, Confluence, or both, in a matter of minutes.

This video is suited to developers new to the Forge platform; the next video in the series will walk you through listing your cloud app on Marketplace (note: Forge apps cannot be distributed through Marketplace at the time of this writing, but will be in the future).

Curious about the resources mentioned in the video? Check them out:

I hope you enjoy the video!