Cloud Fortified for Forge apps

Hi developer community,

We’d like to inform that we have clarified our position and confirmed that Forge apps are eligible for the Cloud Fortified program. We launched the program back in July and we already have almost 100 Cloud Fortified apps listed on the Marketplace.

As we are gathering feedback from both our partners and customers to ensure that the core values of reliability, security, and support are met with Cloud Fortified apps, we’ve audited our program review process to ensure that Forge apps have a clear path toward approval.

When it comes to the reliability aspect, the Forge platform is constantly monitored by our team to ensure its stability for all apps hosted there: Additionally, our team is currently working on monitoring functionality for Forge apps on Developer console. You can find out more about this through our public-facing roadmap.

Until we have shipped app monitoring, we will ensure the reliability requirements by monitoring the following metrics: function invocation success rates and invocation latency on our side. If the metrics are breached or we see some worrying signals, we will contact you directly with details.

As Connect and Forge are different technologies there will be some differences between them in the Fortified program when it comes to the reliability pillar. For Connect apps the approval process and requirements stay the same. For Forge the differences are:

  • Reliability and performance monitoring will exclude the Forge infrastructure. We want to notify you only when you can take any action.
  • Metrics won’t be exposed on the Statuspage. In the longer term, they will be visible through the Developer console.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding Forge apps or feedback for Fortified in general, please feel free to leave a comment here on this post.


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