Coming soon : Insight will become Assets

Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to add asset and configuration management capabilities from Insight as embedded features in Jira Service Management.

Later this year, the Insight feature set in Jira Service Management will be renamed to Assets (aka Asset and configuration management ) for Cloud and DC sites. We’re making this change to make it easier for all customers to understand and recognise what the feature is and what it does.

What this means:

  • Name: Everywhere that Insight is used will be replaced with Assets or Asset and configuration management.
    • For example, in the top menu bar between People and Apps, Insight will become Assets.
    • In the Insight landing page, Insight will become Asset and configuration management.
    • This change will take place across both Data Center and Cloud versions of our product…
  • Location: You’ll find Assets in the same location in your top menu where you can currently find Insight .
  • IQL : IQL (Insight Query Language) will change its name to AQL (Assets Query Language). The functionality will remain the same and will be backwards compatible.
  • APIs: Customers will continue to use them the way they do today. We will support both /Insight & /Assets. No change.
  • Apps : All existing Atlassian Insight Marketplace Apps will start referring to Assets.

What we recommend:

  • We recommend that you start referring to Assets in your Apps and documentation.

Thanks and stay tuned, we have more quality of life updates coming your way!

All the best,

The Jira Service Management Team


Hello @MandeepSingh,

Thanks for the heads-up!

What happens to the existing asset management APIs and related Apps? Will there be any renaming as well?

Right now, we get a lot of customers asking us if Insight can be combined with our own asset management integration. I’m afraid that customers might get even more confused if Jira’s asset management solution is also called “Assets”. It’s also incompatible with the asset management APIs we use and we’re not able to become compatible because Insight/Asset APIs are not available for connect apps.

Any insights you can share would be appreciated. Thanks!


Will you bring back the integrations into NVD, Device42, Azure, AWS and GCP as well?

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Thanks for the question. Yes, making those integrations (AWS, Device42 etc) available is a priority and they are being planned for JSM cloud.

We will be sharing more details soon.


Hi Ben,

Thank you for reaching out!
The plan is to not deprecate any APIs - we understand that this has the potential to cause some confusion and we’re looking at ways to mitigate this. We wanted to give you as much heads-up time as possible that this change was coming. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on any developments.

When it comes to compatibility - we’re looking at ways to integrate with Forge apps in the not-too-distant future.

Hope this helps!

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