Timeline for the Insight feature changing to Assets

We are planning to build a Forge app for syncing CMDB data in JSM Insight. We are considering using Insight REST API for the same. We came across an announcement Insight will become Assets.

Is there a timeline for when this change will happen and how can we track the same?
Will the current APIs work the same way they are working now after the change?
Is there a bulk API for creating Insight objects as currently, we can only create one object at a time using Insight REST API?

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Hey SagarGujarati,

Currently we are implementing Forge app integration with External Imports for syncing CMDB data into JSM Assets. The rebranding has already happened as you can see. Forge or Connect apps will not work until this work is done.

Keep posted on when the integration is finished so apps can be created.


Hi @DanielLau ,

Is there a timeline or ecosystem task we can follow, for when we can expect the integration of external imports in Forge App to be completed? It will help us plan accordingly.

Thanks for the reply.

It should be part of our announcements in our roadmap next quarter. Cloud Roadmap | Atlassian