Coming soon: Updated look and feel for Jira Server

We’re bringing a refreshed look and feel to many of our Server and Data Center products, and Jira is following the footsteps of Confluence and Bitbucket. This work is based on the new Atlassian design direction, and will include things like the updated colour palette, typography and icons. We are not currently working on any significant changes to navigation that you may have seen in our Cloud products.

In the first milestone, we are working on the frequently used screens in Jira, which include:

  • Issue view and Issue Navigator
  • Create (edit) issue
  • Global Issue Navigator
  • Dashboard
  • Projects’ list
  • Login page

We’re also updating the branding to reflect the current Atlassian family identity.

In the second milestone, we are planning to update screens specific to Jira Software, primarily Scrum and Kanban boards and backlogs.

We want to minimize the impact on apps, so for any EAP releases containing changes from the first and second milestone, we will keep you informed of any known issues as soon as possible.

You should follow the upcoming Jira EAP releases, and update any non-AUI components in your apps to match the design guidelines.

Many of these design changes will be implemented via an upgrade to AUI. The AUI upgrade guide has details of all the recent changes. In case you missed it, there have also been some changes to AUI licensing, see The license for AUI 7 is changing in our Developer Community for more information.

We are working closely with the Jira Service Desk team to understand the scope of changes for customers using Service Desk projects. We want to ensure that these customers receive the best experience when the above changes are introduced. To achieve this goal, we’ve identified further work, and are scoping it specifically for Jira Service Desk. These improvements will be released independently by the Jira Service Desk team.

We’re excited to bring the fresh and modern look to Jira. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on. Please note that these designs are indicative and things may change in the next EAP or public release.

Issue details - part of milestone 1

Board view - part of milestone 2

Backlog view - part of milestone 2


Hi, thanks for the update. When you say that the Jira Service Desk changes are going to be released independently do you mean that they will have the current look and feel in 7.9 put will be get the new look in 7.10 (up higher)?


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Hi @paul. Yes, Jira Service Desk specific UI elements will change later. But, with the first milestone of Jira Server changes, you will have the platform AUI elements in Jira Service Desk screens. We cannot commit to a specific release though. For now, there will be no UI changes in 7.9 for neither Jira and Jira Service Desk. We will release an EAP first.

HI, thanks for that.

@mark3, the latest Jira version is actually 7.12.0 :slight_smile: