Styles for a focused UI element

The design of most elements looks the same between for Jira Cloud and Server version. However, one element is concerned, it is a style of the focused item (inputs, buttons, dropdown items etc) in the latest AUI 7.9.1.

Is there a chance that in the future the design for a focused item will look the same as in the AtlasKit with a deep blue border?


Hi @artosphere,

It seems like you’re trying to provide design feedback. Can you please raise an issue in the feedback mechanism in Jira Server?


hi @rwhitbeck , thanks for replay. Where I can find “feedback mechanism in Jira Server”?



Right next to the search should be an icon that you can click that will open a issue collector.

In the screenshot here it looks like a megaphone. 23

Hi @artosphere! I’ll start with the long answer, then the short one.

Long answer:

When it comes to the Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG) and design differences between Cloud and Server, the differences are disappearing over time. The look and feel of Server and Cloud products is aligning. You can see this in the various announcements from the Server products:

The AUI team are implementing the ADG’s form styles in an upcoming release. This release of AUI will eventually make it in to the various Server products as well.

Short answer:

in the future, [will the] design for a focused item [in AUI] look the same as in the AtlasKit with a deep blue border?

Yes. :smiley: