Confluence 6.7 EAP released and important info about upcoming look and feel changes

Hi everyone,

We have some news for you regarding Confluence 6.7 and some visual changes we’re making.

AUI upgrade and refreshed look

We’re bringing a refreshed look and feel to many of our Server and Data Center products, and Confluence is the first cab off the rank. This work is based on the new Atlassian design and will include things like the updated colour palette, typography and icons. We’re not currently working on any significant changes to navigation, or features like Home, that you may have seen in our Cloud products.

We’ll be implementing many of these design changes via an upgrade to AUI 7.x. The AUI Upgrade Guide has details of all the recent changes. In case you missed it, there have also been some changes to AUI licensing, see The license for AUI 7 is changing in our developer community for more info.

We’ve aimed to minimise the impact to add-ons as much as possible, however as we release Confluence milestones, you should check your add-ons, and may want to update any non-AUI or non-product UI components to match the design guidelines.

Head over to Preparing for Confluence 6.7 for more information, and some sketches of the new look.

Confluence 6.7 is on its way

The first Confluence 6.7 EAP milestone is available now! EAP releases provide a snapshot of our work-in-progress and give you an opportunity to test and fix your add-ons before the final release.

We’ll be releasing regular milestones and betas during the development of Confluence 6.7, so head to Preparing for Confluence 6.7 to find out what’s changed. We’ll update that page each week with any notable changes.

Get the latest EAP

If you have any problems with an EAP release, please raise an issue to let us know. The earlier we know about problems, the more time we’ll have to fix them before the final release.