Community-based Badges?

Curious, how can we get some of the Atlassian Developer Community badges?

In particular, the

  • Autobiographer - I tried filling out my profile, but no dice
  • Certified - not sure where how to access this tutorial
  • Licensed - ditto

Appreciate any insight! :pray:


Hi @DaveLiao,

Not sure why the Autobiographer badge isn’t working for you. But regarding the other two, there should be message from @discobot in your inbox. It has instructions how to start the tutorial and once done you will get the badges. :slight_smile:



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I dance in delight! Thanks @sven.schatter :pray:

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@sven.schatter - and of course, a day later, the “Autobiographer” badge appears! I guess it’s on a delay. :laughing:

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