Community Lean Coffees in February

Since the current Community driven partner get-together seems to be working pretty well for exchanging ideas and general tips (with pretty good participation from both Atlassian and Marketplace Partners :slight_smile: ) - I’m going to try to add a technical-specific series (in addition to the partner get-togethers).

The Technical specific series will be open to anyone that develops on the Atlassian Platform.

For those that haven’t attended these events - it’s run using the Lean Coffee format. There is no preset agenda. Come with a topic (or more :slight_smile: ) that you want to discuss with your peers. At the beginning of the meeting we vote on the topics we want to discuss and then work our way down the list.

The first technical focused Lean Coffee is at 21:00 CET on Feb 9th. Registration is at .

The partner get-together is still going on and the next one is at 22:00 CET on Feb 2nd. Registration is at