Complex Configuration for Forge App in Jira Cloud


When developing Forge apps, what is the best spot within the UI to place complex configuration for Jira (project) administrators?

If I understand correctly there is currently no Forge module like “jiraProjectPage” in Atlassian Connect. Currently I have to place all configuration logic within an IssueGlance. I don’t think this is the best place: users don’t expect App configurations here and as Forge still lacks view conditions non-admins are able to see settings they are not allowed to interact with. Furthermore there is just not enough space for larger configuration forms in the existing Jira modules.

Am I missing something? Is there a FRGE issue I should watch (couldn’t find one)?



Hi @JulianWolf, this is something that is being looked into — adding new extension points for different use cases including full-page extension points in Jira (like the admin page). I’m not sure of the timeline but will reach out to the team for more info.

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Hello @JulianWolf! I’m happy to inform you that work on the admin global full page is in progress. We plan to finish it by the end of February. (assuming we will not find any blockers) :rocket: :grinning::hammer_and_wrench:


Shipped :ship::grinning::muscle: Introducing Jira Admin Page module