Introducing Jira Admin Page module

ADDED - Jira admin page module in UI kit version 0.9.0

Hello everyone,

Jira Cloud now supports the Admin page module. The jira:adminPage module adds an item in the Apps section of the left navigation of Jira admin settings. When the item is clicked, content is rendered on a new Jira page. You can use the UI kit or custom UI to create the content of the Jira page. In the app, use the AdminPage component as a top-level component.

This module can be used in Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management.

Run npm install @forge/ui@latest on the command line in your app directory to install the latest version of the UI kit.



That’s fantastic news, thx!

awesome :100: :muscle: :tada: thanks a lot. While you are on it, an projectPage would be great as well :yum:

Can you tell me how I can get the envId and also link between pages?
How do I obtain the {appId} and the {envId} in a resolver?
thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @clouless,

You can use useProductContext hook to get appId and envId. There’s localId field inside in the form of ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/{appId}/{envId}/static/{appKeyFromManifest} hence envId and appId might be extracted from it.
On linking between pages - I need to check it and will come back to you with an information.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @clouless,

linking should be possible - you could use Text component with link formatting in UI kit; in Custom UI you could try classic JS functions for navigation. The prerequisite is that you’d need to obtain appId and envId of the page/app that you’d like to navigate to - you could store these e.g. in Jira properties.



cool, thanks for all the useful tips :slight_smile: I will try it once the projectPage will be available :slight_smile:

This is great. But can we get rid of the title? I’ve got buttons etc (using the page header pattern from atlaskit)…

It would also be great if the CSP would support @atlaskit out of the box. :wink: (Thank you @sven.schatter for telling me how to get atlaskit working in forge).


Hi @danielwester,

thanks! :slight_smile:
Currently there’s no possibility of getting rid of the title. The page content is designed to comply with Atlassian design guidelines, but I’ll pass on your feedback to the team.
What do you mean by CSP?


Currently there’s no possibility of getting rid of the title. The page content is designed to comply with Atlassian design guidelines,

That’s a shame - (And I’ll probably argue that it’s not complying since I’m going to end up with double titles or having to come up with different solutions in order to get the same view between connect and forge… ).

As far as CSP - unless you include the inline-style exception CSP meta tag - you can’t use atlaskit.


Thanks for all your feedback! :blush::grinning:

  1. we have added a Page header to the list of improvements for Jira Admin Page
  2. when to comes to the project full page for end-users we plan to release Beta at the end of March
  3. good point, CSP should support @atlaskit out of the box. I have shared this idea with the responsible team

here is our public roadmap with incoming features

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