Jira Cloud extensibility update - Aug 2021: A review and sneak peek into the future…

Hi developer community,

My name is Grażyna Kaszkur, the Product Manager for Jira Cloud Ecosystem here at Atlassian. I recently joined the Jira Cloud Ecosystem team from Jira Server and Data Center.

Today I’d like to share with you some updates on the Jira extensibility work we’ve shipped since the last summary posted on CDAC in February by @kderenda. I’d also like to share what we’re working on and what the plans are for the near future.

Our priority remains to unblock migrating customers by ensuring all critical server Marketplace apps are available in cloud, with a viable migration path. I am happy to share that in the second half of Atlassian FY21, 66 server and DC apps were released in cloud (on top of 85 reported in the first half of FY21).

The Jira Cloud team has been continuing work on project configuration APIs and Forge extensibility. Below you’ll find a number of new APIs and other improvements we’ve made in the last few months.

APIs shipped recently

As announced in the previous update, the team has been busy with project configuration extensibility in Jira Cloud. Our main focus was on Workflows APIs, which, according to our research, was one of the biggest blockers for app creation in cloud. Below you will find a list of APIs we’ve shipped:

APIs for workflows:

Lastly, we extended the search project endpoint with a possibility to filter projects by a certain property (ACJIRA-2087), so you don’t need to do it on your side anymore. Now you can fetch those projects faster and with a smaller number of calls.

Jira expressions improvements

In the last several months, we have been also working on actively improving Jira expressions functionality. Some of the new capabilities delivered are:

Moreover, we have added new methods in the String type (repeat, padStart, padEnd, matchAll), in the List type (join) and a new operator called nullish coalescing operator.

Webhook improvements

Our main focus in this area was to add the ability to create issue webhooks for 3LO (OAuth 2.0) apps. Therefore we were excited to announce that 3LO apps (OAuth 2.0) can now register webhooks using Dynamic Webhooks API.

Also, you can limit your webhooks only to updates that are important for your application. This means that instead of listening to all issue properties updates, you can specify a list of essential ones. You can find more on webhooks filtering under these tickets: ACJIRA-2245 and ACJIRA-2244.

Documentation improvements

We’ve updated the getting started with Connect guide to clarify steps and bring it up to date with the Jira UI. Moreover, we have clarified the information on security, particularly in regard to OAuth 1.0a for REST APIs and the use of basic authentication.

Jira Forge extensibility

Among the new Forge capabilities in Jira you will find:

All Forge platform development updates are in the changelog. Moreover, we have added the possibility to open the Jira issue edit dialog from an app (ACJIRA-495) as announced in the previous update.

Forge community events

What’s coming next?

As we informed in the previous post, you can watch cards on our Atlassian Platform Roadmap for Developers Trello board to see what we’re planning.

Project configuration (in progress)

  • Our team will continue working on APIs for Workflow management. We plan to add support of the Connect rules. For status notifications please watch this card on the roadmap.
  • We plan to start working on APIs for Statuses (you can track this work via this card) and APIs for Custom Fields delete and Custom Field context update (you can track this work via this card).

For Forge, we have two open streams of work, another one waits in the queue:

Custom field types (in progress)

In FY22 we are going to finish Custom ui in forge custom fields edit, Forge custom fields on create issue view, and Extension point in custom field context configuration. This unlocks new opportunities related to custom fields. In order to support use cases related to calculated scripted custom fields, we plan to improve how fields are presented on GIN page and probably we will add an extension point in bulk edit. In order to unlock real-time calculation use cases, we plan to enable Forge to refresh Forge custom fields based on UI events. We plan to share more details and organize Product Team Talk about custom fields.

Issue adjustments (in progress)

Issue adjustments will allow developers to control how selected Jira fields behave on the UI: set Field values, define whether Field is required / optional/read-only, set Field visibility, change Field label. It will unlock use cases related to Personalisation (templates, fields sets per user/group), Data quality (Cascading select, Dynamic options), Compliance (Hiding, Required), and UX performance (Forms, Dynamic dependencies between fields). We plan to release first public version at the beginning of 2022.

New extension points (in the queue)

We fully understand that new Jira extension points are really needed. We plan to start this stream soon as possible. But first things first. Previous streams help us to migrate server apps, this helps us to migrate customers this means more enterprise customers on the could. This means more opportunities for cloud apps.

In the scope of this stream of work are things like full page for end users’ project settings, subpages, and web sections in the menu, and one menu for Connect and Forge apps. You can track it on the Trello roadmap Full page extensibility. We also plan to work on display conditions improvements. New extension points like GIN web item, reports, permission, and validators are on the candidate’s list.

The scope is still open and dates are not yet defined, and here’s where you can help! Please comment in thread or send me a private message in the Developer Community with your thoughts and needs on what extension points would help you bring more features to cloud for your customers.

We want to hear from you!

We rely on you, our developer community, to help shape our roadmap by submitting feature suggestions to highlight the extensibility gaps which are blocking you from delivering a cloud equivalent of your app or to build a new one.

  • You can raise a request for new or missing features in our ACJIRA project.
  • For the Forge extensibility in Jira raise issues in the FRGE project.
  • or leave us a comment under this post.

Thank you!


Thanks for the update @gkaszkur ! It’s great to see how Atlassian is working on improving Cloud extensibility in many different areas, especially for existing Connect apps.


Thanks! We are also happy to see Connect APIs moving forward. Could you please add some description to the Trello Card "Statuses API? We would really like to have more information about what are you planning to do with statuses.


Thank you @dusan.spaic for the comment and your suggestion. I’ll update the Trello cards with details once they are known/decided for better visibility of what’s coming.

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