New custom UI methods, Jira project page module, and scopes for product events

:tada: ADDED - Navigate and open methods for custom UI apps in Jira

Custom UI now supports navigating to external links with the new router object exported from the @forge/bridge package.

This object contains the navigate(url) and open(url) methods, which allow the app to open an external link. navigate opens the link in the same tab, while open opens the link in a new tab. Currently, these methods are only supported in Jira. See custom UI bridge for more details and examples.

Run npm install @forge/bridge@latest in your resource directory to update to the latest version.

:tada: ADDED - Jira project page module in UI kit version 0.12.0

Jira Cloud now supports the Project page module. The jira:projectPage module adds an item in the Apps section of the left navigation of Jira classic project settings. When the item is clicked, content is rendered on a new Jira page. You can use the UI kit or custom UI to create the content for the Jira page. In the app, use the ProjectPage component as a top-level component.

This module can be used in Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management.

Run these commands to install the following latest versions:

  • npm install @forge/ui@latest in your app directory on the command line to install the latest version of the UI kit
  • npm install -g @forge/cli@latest on the command line to install the latest version of Forge CLI

:tada: ADDED - Forge product events now support scopes

When using product events, your Forge app must now have permission from the site admin to access the data it provides within the event payload. The OAuth scope required is documented under each product event. Note, running the forge lint command picks up these required scopes.

See Permissions for detailed information about each scope, and Add scopes to call an Atlassian REST API to add new scopes to your app.

:wrench: BUG FIX - in Forge CLI version 1.3.0

In this release:

  • Missing OAuth scopes for trigger events are now detected by the linter, and are reported as errors.
  • Error messages for deployments and installations have been improved.

Run npm install -g @forge/cli@latest on the command line to install the latest CLI version.


thanks a lot! awesome :tada: thanks for the projectPage and for the navigate function. I need to link to external documentation, so that is also super awesome :100: :muscle: :slight_smile:

I tried jiraProjectPage, but when I try to deploy I get:

Running forge lint...
Error: The deploy failed due to errors in the app code. Fix the errors before rerunning forge deploy, or run forge deploy --no-verify to skip the linter.

2:2     error    invalid value 'jira:projectProject' in modules  valid-module-required

I have done all the npm installs, also the global one for cli :frowning:

I think it is a typo in the docs :smiley: should be projectPage and not projectProject.

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Yessssss! Been waiting for this one! :rocket:

EDIT: Wait, this is Jira only… Nooooooooo :see_no_evil: Is this coming for Confluence, too?


@sven.schatter isn’t there already spacePage for confluence? Should do the trick :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, but I was talking about the the navigate(url) and open(url) methods :smiley: We currently have a lot of links in our UI that aren’t clickable and therefore seem broken to the user. So I’m looking forward very much to being able to fix that. :slight_smile:


ah ok, good to know … I hope once I tend to our Confluence Forge apps, this will be available :smiley:

You can use the lower level api to use navigation in Confluence:

__bridge.callBridge("navigate", {type: "new-tab", url: "/"})

__bridge is in global scope. Available tabs: “same-tab” and “new-tab”.

Good luck & happy easter


Yes, this will be coming to Confluence too soon.


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