Product Team Talk Time w/ Jira Cloud Ecosystem

The Jira Cloud Ecosystem team is excited to share a project that they have underway with the developer community. Join @JakubMierzewski, @ImranParvez, and @MichalMichalczuk on 2021-08-04T11:00:00Z to hear about the Jira issue adjustments - incoming Jira UI extension point.

Issue adjustments will allow developers to control how selected Jira fields behave on the UI:

  • set Field values
  • define whether Field is required / optional / read only
  • set Field visibility
  • change Field label

@JakubMierzewski and the team will share how they foresee issue adjustments extension point working.

This event will be a great time to ask questions and provide feedback based on how you might make use of the new extension point.

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Can Atlassian share some pre-reading for us on the topic?


Pre-reading? It sounds like we don’t have anything to share.

Bentley’s understanding of the topic for context building? Sure! If I get something wrong I expect @MichalMichalczuk and @JakubMierzewski to correct me :sweat_smile:

The new extension point is intended to allow Connect apps to alter Fields in a way similar to what P2 apps are able to do. Specifically, we want to be able to allow an app to change the user-facing display values of Fields and also change some of the way they behave. For example, image you have two teams that work on the same project: Design and Development. Your design team likes to refer to Priority as 🚥 Urgency and the Development team doesn’t actually use that field. With the new extension point, you’d be able to have the name of the Field display differently for users of the Design team and set the field visibility such that it doesn’t show for a member of the Development team at all.

As for the actual API/implementation, I’ll leave that to the talk time. I think that is something that is still fairly early in the works and feedback is very much appreciated.

Here is the Ecosystem roadmap card, for reference: Trello

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