Jira Cloud extensibility update - March 2022

:wave: Hi Atlassian developers!

My name is Jakub Mierzewski, I am a Product Manager responsible for Jira/Forge extensibility. I want to share with you our plans and things recently shipped. The previous Jira extensibility update was posted in Aug 2021 and it is time for an update.

How to read it

:information_source: Note

This is an update for the FY22 Q3 and Q4 which ends in Jun. Page was created on Mar 1, 2022.
:warning: Please keep in mind that plans may change as we always learn on the way. Jira/Forge extensibility related features are grouped in three categories new Forge-only Jira features, Forge connect modules equivalents and new APIs and Events.

:spiral_notepad: Glossary

:tools: In progress - development is in progress and we plan to release at least the first version by June 2022
:rocket: Next - we have decided to start work by June 2022, development haven’t been started we are in design phase, it is a great moment to include your feedback , not all features will be finally implemented
:mag: Candidates - we gather interest and believe that this is an important feature on which we may work in H2 2022

:speech_balloon: Share your interest

All incoming work is publicly visible and have a public ticket. If you are interested in a particular feature vote for it :+1:. Use comments :pencil: to inform us about your use cases, specific requirements , strong opinions and questions. Your votes, questions and comments matter. When we are selecting candidates no. of votes and partners engaged is one of the most important criteria. I hope you like the fact that all incoming works is visible and we can start collaboration early.

Forge-only Jira features

Forge opens new extensibility areas :milky_way: . Be the first :unicorn: who covers not yet utilized use cases available only for Forge.

:white_check_mark: Done

:tools: In progress

:rocket: Next

:mag: Roadmap candidates (June 2022 +)

Forge connect modules equivalents

We want to make Connect vs Forge decision easy. Share with you our plans early and enable you to build more and more apps with Forge. We have recently released 3 connect modules equivalents 5 are in progress, more is coming.

:white_check_mark: Done

:tools: In progress

:rocket: Next

:mag: Candidates (June 2022+)

New Jira APIs and Events

APIs create a basic, fundamental layer of extensibility. Here’s how we plan to increase our API coverage.

:white_check_mark: Done

:tools: In progress

:rocket: Next

Further reading

Let’s work together on Jira/Forge extensibility! :rocket: :blush: :speech_balloon: :palms_up_together: :earth_africa:


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This is the last day of June it is the highest time for an update :grinning:

Delivered :muscle:

  1. FRGE-613: value function for custom fields
  2. FRGE-177: Allow apps to navigate (or refresh) the browser
  3. FRGE-158: Allow Forge apps to make entity properties searchable with JQL
  4. FRGE-207: Forge Dashboard Module
  5. FRGE-509: Multiple pages for a Forge app
  6. Status API
  7. FRGE-494: Add Jira openCreateIssueDialog style bridge method to Custom
  8. JSM on Forge
  9. FRGE-608: UI modifications (aka Issue adjustments)

Coming soon :timer_clock:

  1. FRGE-609: Forge custom fields inline edit on create issue view
  2. FRGE-85: Implement Workflow Conditions in Jira
  3. Priorities & Resolutions APIs
  4. FRGE-620: jiraGlobalPermissions and jiraProjectPermissions Forge modules