Conclusive guide to run EAP with atlas-sdk? (8.6 in this case)

Hi, all, let me present my problem,

when Jira 8 EAP was announced we didn’t have much trouble (ok, maybe some trouble) putting the versions into pom.xml, running it and making our app compatible.

The other day I tried to run 8.6 with 4.6 and it gave me a bit of trouble. According to this page
I put those versions into pom.xml for applications to run with and any jira/servicedesk dependencies I wanted to use in my maven project. The repository was the default one added by generated boilerplate code (, and a private artifactory.

The problem I had was that maven couldn’t resolve the dependency for jira-servicedesk:4.6.0.
Now, I wanted to backtrack on what I did couple of months prior for Jira 8 EAP, and realized I was doing mostly trial and error that time as well, and didn’t have any conclusive guide or material handy for this stuff.

My question is, is there a guide, and if not, could help me on this search and write down some of your thoughts or solutions in this thread.


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This seems to be a systemic problem. Atlassian don’t publish maven artifacts for the EAP tag (or at least, they haven’t consistently done so).

This affects more than Jira 8.6, and, indeed, more than just Jira. This is probably an issue for all Server/Data Center products.

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