Using the EAP feeds to automatically test my app

TL;DR: do Atlassian publish artifacts to a maven repository for EAPs under the EAP tagged version?

We test our app on a CI server against all supported Atlassian versions. Our build is configured so that we can easily swap the Atlassian version used for testing (e.g. -jiraVersion=8.5.1). We’d like to create a CI plan that automatically tests our app against the latest EAP based on Atlassian’s EAP feed.

The trouble is, while I can easily parse the JSON and get the latest EAP version (e.g. 8.7.0-EAP1 for Jira), I can’t actually start the product.

It looks like someone else had the same problem with 8.6 and never got a response.

The problem seems to be that Atlassian don’t publish versions of the EAP to their maven repositories used by the SDK (or our custom Gradle build, for that matter).

For example, looking at, I can see a bunch of internal versions like 8.7.0-int-0649/, but nothing with the EAP tag.

Sure, I can download the EAP release from the links in the feed, but it’d be a lot easier if the tag in the feed matched one that I could resolve artifacts from.

A colleague pointed out that lists 8.7.0-EAP01 as mapping to 8.7.0-m0001 … but there doesn’t seem to be a consistent mapping pattern between EAP numbers and milestone numbers. Nor do the JSON feeds always provide the milestone numbers (Confluence’s does right now, Jira’s doesn’t, but that might change unpredictably?).

So while the JSON feeds are there, they’re not much use to an automated build tool.