Conditional expressions in Forge -?

Hi folks!

We are currently working on transferring our Connect app to Forge platform and we’ve encountered a problem.

Our Connect app has a feature to allow user to choose where the app data is displayed: in left panel (issue glance) or right in the jira panel section (a button near “attach”, “create subtask” and “link issue”). User can choose one of 2 options in App Properties and then it is displayed in a place specified by the user.

In Connect is was implemented with conditions->expressions (, but I am not sure how to implement this feature with Forge and it’s display condition. Is it even possible?

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Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @ayur !

Forge display conditions currently do not support app properties. However, there is an existing feature suggestion to help address this use case and it can be tracked here.

For your appreciation, other Forge-Connect modules equivalents can be seen in Jira Cloud extensibility update - March 2022.


Hello, Ian.

I looked through the issue you’ve linked, thanks a lot. Is there any approximate date or period set for this feature so we could plan on upgrading the app once it’s out?

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