Confluence Forge Macro with Custom UI size issue


I’m working on a Confluence Macro using Forge with custom UI. When the macro is rendered it seems to be a fixed height that has a scrollbar. Is it possible to remove the height and let the macro render to the size of its content. I saw this issue which seems similar, Changing the height attribute of CustomUI IssueActivity or IssuePanel div? but the viewportSize doesn’t exist for macro module.


Hey @danTann,

viewportSize is supported by macro (small, medium, large or xlarge) this should be reflected in our documentation shortly.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m running in to this problem: my macro is only one line of text high but it seems minimum height I can get it to is viewportSize: small (112px), which leaves a lot of dead white space below my macro’s content