Confluence REST API v2: Get Space problems

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the Get space by Id in V2 Rest API. Currently, we are using V1 and we pass the description, permissions, theme, and homepage as query parameters. Regarding permissions, I can see that you provide a separate API for that. However, I am concerned about the theme and homepage fields ( At V2, I need information regarding the space homepage. However, it seems that I can only access the homepageId). In part of our app, we need this information to copy a space. The lack of information on these two fields is causing a blocker for us, and we are unable to migrate to V2 without this information.
Can you please provide some guidance on how to proceed with these fields in V2?

Hi @NiloufarVafaei!

Thanks for bringing this up to us! For these 2 query params:

Let me know if this helps!