Confluence spaceId is missing from useProductContext


The v2 Confluence REST API works with spaceId not Spacekey (which is very odd imho, why is this?). The useProductContext only includes the spaceKey and not the spaceId, so an additional REST call has to be made in order to perform basic page operations from a Forge app. Can the spaceId please be included in the useProductContext.

Thanks in advance!



We faced exactly the same problem. This thread Release of new endpoints for Confluence REST API v2 is closed, but maybe @SimonKliewer could help us here about what is the best way to work with above issue?

Hi @rick.van.twillert and @chhantyal, This is the public ticket that we are currently looking into adding spaceId into the Forge context: [CONFCLOUD-75310] Confluence Forge Context provides Space Key instead of Space ID - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.. You can follow along for more updates.

Hi @GTD you mentioned above ticket for adding spaceId to the Forge Context. Is there a recommended way for obtaining the space Id in Connect apps?