Confusion with using app licenses for Server on Data Center

It seems like there’s been some misunderstanding on how server app licenses are supposed to work on DC. Our expectation was that any server license and renewal for it purchased before September 03, 2019 will work on DC until the maintenance period expires.

We made this conclusion after reading an FAQ here:

and Ben’s comment here:

As it turned out we were wrong. If the maintenance period starts after Sept 03, the license will stop working. To illustrate with an example:
A customer has a license that was purchased Feb 01 a few years back and they keep renewing it every year. August 2019 they purchased a renewal for Feb 2020 to Feb 2021. Our expectation would be that such a license will work, but the reality is that if the maintenance start date is after Sept 03, 19, it won’t work regardless of when it was purchased.

We already know a few partners who ran into this problem, so apparently we are not the only ones. As far as I understand, Atlassian does refund these renewals, but this doesn’t solve the problem. The pricing for server renewal and a DC subscription can be quite different and some companies do not have the budget to switch to DC this year (as they were expecting they are all set).

If I understand correctly, another problem can be that some clients will not see there is this problem until their active maintenance expires, which can happen any time in the upcoming months.

Has anyone else seen this problem? We are considering sending a notification to our partners and customers on this issue, but maybe there are better ideas. Unfortunately there is no way to tell how many instances with such “unusable” renewals there are. We only can learn a client is using DC when they switch to the DC license.


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Hi @eugene1. We’ve had very similar issues with some of our biggest enterprise customers around the 3rd of September. We (on a case by case basis) decided to hand those customers a DC license for the regular Server renewal price. Still this was an individual decision and I don’t know how we would react right now.

For clarification: we’re also platinum Solution Partners and this was both a customer for our apps and our services.

EDIT: adding to your point I think it says something of enterprise grade customers with the backup of the vendor and one of the biggest solution partners in Germany don’t understand that model. But I do not expect any adjustment here, I guess that ship has sailed…