Connecting Google Analytics and Search Console to Marketplace Listing

I have a tracking pixel on my Marketplace Listing which gives me data on traffic to the page but can’t get organic search terms. They show up as “(not provided)”.

Does anyone have any experience getting this data to show? It’d be very useful to see what search terms users were using to reach the listing.

I’ve connected my GA account to the Search Console but still no organic search data.

Google Search Console should work for marketplace listing pages, because it supports directories as separate entities, however this would require some work on Atlassian side: allowing vendors to insert ownership verification meta tag, but I don’t think if there are chances for this to happen.

The best option for you would be to create an independent product page about your app. It will take a couple of months until it gets a substantial amount of traffic, so that you can start making meaningful conclusions about search terms.

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@RhysDiab How did you connect the tracking pixel to your Marketplace listing? Any (pointer to) documentation is appreciated.

Hi @marc

To do this you need to:

  1. Create a new property in GA for tracking your app sales page.

  2. Add a Universal Analytics Property to the property.

  3. Save the Universal Analytics Property (it should look something like UA-12345678-1).

  4. Select your app in the app vendor section, go to Details, then scroll down to Google Analytics Id and paste the Universal Analytic Property.

This will link your app marketplace listing with the newly created property in GA.

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@RhysDiab Thanks for the detailed information.